So you finally decided to utilize a VoIP phone system for your small business. Great move! But as probably realized, transitioning to VoIP may mean investing in the new equipment. One of the most important is the VoIP adapter.

If you are a newbie, this might be the first time come across the term VoIP adapters. So, what is a VoIP adapter?

VoIP adapters make it possible for you to utilize a traditional phone and make VoIP work with your current phone equipment. The idea is to change the human voice into data packets. You can save tons of money over the long haul because you won’t have to purchase new equipment to enjoy the service.

If you aren’t a newbie and you’re just looking to replace your adapter, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the best VoIP phone adapters to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cisco SPA122

More than one Cisco VoIP converter made the list due to their quality. This dual-port adapter also has two Ethernet slots that permit you to skip purchasing a router. This model is a replacement for the Cisco SPA2102.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Easy installation and adjustments
  • High-quality voice
  • Voice and data use with faxing
  • Advanced features made available by broadband Internet connection

Cisco SPA122 Price:

2. Obihai OBi300

It is a single port VoIP telephone number that allows you to use analog devices with a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking provider. When using a SIP service provider, you get access to an array of benefits, such as speed dial, history, waiting indication, recording, and so much more. Small businesses will benefit the most from an OBi300 because it helps set up a mini-phone system.

Features We Appreciate:

  • OBiTALK device management portal for straightforward set-up and use
  • USB port for USB devices
  • Zero Touch Configuration

OBiHai OBi300 Prices:

3. Patton SN101 Smartnode 1 FXS Port ATA

Another single port VoIP phone adapter, but it also functions as a VoIP fax adapter. Aside from the typical VoIP features, you can also experience high-quality sounds and take advantage of more advanced features.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Portable design (no more than 4 inches in width and length)
  • 3-way is also available for local conferencing
  • Extra security from password protection and web configuration interface

Patton SN101 SmartNode Prices:

4. Grandstream HT801 ATA

This single-port system is ideal for both the office and your home. It has advanced features that enable you to use it for a much larger scale. Ideal for remote workers and deployed employees, this system can give them access anywhere in the world they are, so long as there is a present analog line.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Portable, sleek design
  • Increased security, thanks to advanced encryption that comes with a one-of-a-kind security certificate for every unit
  • Cutting-edge VoIP functions, such as multilingual voice prompts, 3-way conferences, versatile dial plans, and so much more

Grandstream HT801 Prices:

5. Cisco SPA112

The first dual voice over IP phone adapter on the list has ports that allow you to connect it to a fax machine and an analog phone. It’s suitable for small businesses that run their operations at home. It’s a bonus that it’s affordable.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Compact and versatile
  • Superior voice quality
  • Voice and data use with faxing
  • Caller ID

Cisco SPA112 price:

6. Obihai Obi202

This 2-port voice adapter is easy to manage.. You can easily manage the protocols on the ObiTalk web portal, which means you can stay on top of the endpoints in one interface. Moreover, you can support four different services, apart from your Google Voice account. It is the only one of its kind that can help you expand your internal communication without stretching the budget.

Features We Appreciate:

  • USB port available for add-on devices
  • Lower rate calls to more than 150 countries, thanks to Google Voice
  • Bluetooth adapter makes mobile phone pairing a breeze

Obihai OBi202 Price:

7. Grandstream GS-HT802 Dual FXS Adapter

By supporting two SIP profiles, two colleagues with different preferences can share the device. Moreover, Grandstream GS-HT802 increases the security of your calls with high-quality encryption technology. Also, if you have troubles with the main server, the backup will take over immediately.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Three-way conferencing
  • Excellent audio due to jitter buffering and echo canceling
  • Different caller ID formats available

Grandstream HT802 Price:

8. Poly OBi312 Adaptor

This Voice over IP telephone adapter has two ports: one FXS and one FXO. Through the FXS port, you can easily plug a fax machine and an analog phone. It also enables you to utilize your legacy device into the IP network. You can save more dough by adding more analog devices to the IP network.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Connects to Bluetooth or WiFI via the USB port
  • User-friendly and intuitive design

Poly OBi312 price:

9. Patton SN102 ATA

Another VoIP adapter with FXS and FXO port that permits you to connect either a fax machine or a traditional phone to a VoIP phone system through the FXS. The FXO serves as a backup.

Features We Appreciate:

  • Compact design
  • Three-way conferences
  • Superior quality sound with Quality of Sound controls and jitter buffering

Patton SN102 Price:

9 Best Voip Adapters Infographics


When choosing the best VoIP adapter, consider the number of ports. Assess if the number of FXS, FXO, and Ethernet ports available is a perfect match to your business requirements. For instance, if you need a line to place and receive calls and another for faxes, an adapter with an Ethernet and one to two FXS ports will do. Larger companies, on the other hand, will thrive with additional features.

Another factor to keep in mind is the cost. It is a given that VoIP adapters with excellent quality will cost you extra. Moreover, if you need more adapters to make operations run smoother, you need to invest wisely.