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How Business Can Improve Productivity with Cloud Phone Systems

improving productivity using cloud phone systems

Today’s workplace is increasingly becoming remote, and businesses in all industries are switching to cloud-based phone systems. This is because cloud phone systems offer flexibility and a wide range of productivity-boosting features that benefit a business, its employees, and customers.

In this article, we will discuss six ways cloud phone systems can improve productivity for your business. 

1. Offers unique features 

Choosing a VoIP phone system offers you unique features that are not in traditional phone systems. Cloud phone systems have the Call Forwarding feature that forwards calls to any device in the system, and the employee can receive the call wherever they are. 

VoIP also offers the Voicemail to Email or Text feature that converts voicemails into audio files or texts and sends them to employees’ inboxes to listen anywhere they go.

A cloud-based phone system also provides the following unique features:

  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Multi-level auto attendants
  • Automatic call recording
  • Call queues with on-hold music
  • Custom caller ID
  • User portals
  • One-click conference calls
  • Call analytics 
  • CRM integration 

Also, with Unified Communications, you can centralize all of your business communications in a single dashboard without switching between multiple devices and apps.

2. Ignites team collaboration

Cloud phone systems unite employees and nurture collaboration. Whether you have a remote, in-person, or hybrid workforce, they give everyone access to the same communication features. There is no need to segment employee departments with separate phone systems.

VoIP phone systems help businesses prioritize teamwork and collaboration above all else. A project manager can also easily delegate tasks to team members and monitor to ensure those assigned are up to date. This ensures problems are solved faster and projects run more smoothly.

3. Improves customer relationships

Increasing productivity with cloud-based phone systems makes your employees happier, which will improve customer relationships. VoIP phone systems ensure that employees do not miss a call and customers can always receive help when needed. You can be sure there is always an employee on-ground to handle your clients’ needs. 

With Cloud-based phone systems, calls are automatically forwarded to an available agent with the “find me/follow me” feature. You can also set up the auto-attendant feature to direct calls to the appropriate phone line or voicemail during off-hours. 

You can automatically reroute calls to your number if no agent is available, ensuring that no call is ever missed. This will bring a significant positive impact on productivity.

4. Streamlines communication process

Employees are never out of contact with customers even when they’re away from the desk with VoIP phone systems. This is greatly needed for the remote workforce or when transitioning into one. 

With unified communications, remote employees have complete access to business information through any device. The customer interface helps to easily access customers’ data and swiftly resolve their needs.

The clear, high-quality conference calls also ensure your employees don’t have to worry about missing important meetings. Cloud phone systems provide employees with a better work-life balance which boosts efficiency, overall performance, and business productivity.  

5. Mobility and flexibility

Cloud phone systems support mobility and flexibility in business communication. Every employee can connect and get the same communication details, regardless of location or device. Cloud-based platform solutions are not limited across locations, and teams can seamlessly collaborate from afar.  

Also, VoIP phone systems allow for real-time communication and colleagues can instantly share information in real-time. An agent can swiftly contact a colleague concerning a technical question — and quickly flip the call to a video conference with screen and document sharing, if needed — all while holding a customer on the other line.

6. It saves you money

Cloud-based phone systems are a low-cost investment and are much cheaper than traditional phone systems. You don’t have to install any hardware and you won’t have to pay as much upfront as you would with any traditional phone system. You also do not have to install additional equipment to upgrade or add new phone lines. 

Maintenance is entirely the provider’s business and you don’t need to worry about recurring maintenance costs. VoIP phone systems give you the same bang for your buck and save you money that can be useful in other parts of your business. 


Cloud phone systems ensure that workflows go uninterrupted, allow for greater efficiency, ensure employees can work anywhere, support work-life balance, and ultimately improve business productivity. Many business owners are discovering the unique ways VoIP phone systems can improve productivity. Now that you know them, it is time to invest in a reliable VoIP phone system for your business.

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