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Salesforce Integration with ULTATEL’s Cloud Phone

salesforce integration

It’s time to connect Salesforce to your phone system with ULTATEL. 

Are you tired of working without significant productivity or failing to meet your marketing goals?

Have you tried different strategies to improve your sales operations without result? Do you wish to multitask at any time, handle various business functions at once, quickly, and without an application disrupting the other?

Are you looking to offer remote work opportunities for your employees?

If you’ve answered Yes to any of the questions, the solution is right here at your fingertips. Literally. 

All you need to do is connect Salesforce to your phone system with ULTATEL, and you are on your way to long-lasting improvements in the overall productivity of your business. 

With ULTATEL and Salesforce, work gets more manageable, and efficient productivity becomes the norm. Read on to find out what this integration is all about.

What is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration establishes and manages communication between Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management) and other systems through APIs.

Connecting other tools with Salesforce is a no-brainer in the long run, as an innovative and successful integration allows you to explore a large pool of resources you never thought possible. 

Examples of common tools you can integrate with Salesforce are ULTATEL’s cloud phone, MuleSoft, Jitterbit, SnapLogic, Informatica Cloud, Dell Boomi, and many others. 

Now, you may be wondering what is the role of a VoIP system with Salesforce? Why the ULTALEL cloud phone system? Integrating ULTALEL cloud phone systems with Salesforce ensures better productivity and improved sales operations. Keep reading to find out how.

Salesforce Integration with ULTATEL’s VoIP Phone

Sharing files, showcasing sales, communicating with colleagues, integrating emails, and using dashboards are all standard CRM functions. However, Salesforce goes beyond those features by;

  • Communicating using automation tools: Salesforce allows your agents to focus on more complex jobs while the technology handles the essential responsibilities of responding to conversations on time.  By replying on time and communicating with customers better, integrating this chatbot can improve customer satisfaction.
  • Data analytics tool: Salesforce includes dashboards and a suite of reporting tools to assist you in collecting and analyzing data. It also displays the most popular section of your website, the best-selling product, ways for customers to contact your company, and other daily updates.
  • View your audience in a single dashboard: You can view, categorize, and even apply personalized tags to your contacts from a single dashboard.
  • Building on your app without disrupting customer experience: Your products will be accessible and the team will avoid miscommunication. It will also assist your company in increasing sales and improving its brand image.

While listed above are some ideas about what Salesforce CRM does, its functions go beyond those mentioned earlier.

When connected with ULTALEL, the benefits of Salesforce become even more significant. The improvement is conspicuous, and you’ll experience a substantial improvement in targeted marketing strategies, customer communication, and overall satisfaction with your business.

ULTATEL is recognized for providing the most innovative cloud phone system in the market. Our problem-solving features include the following;

  • CRM integrations 
  • Call conferencing, call analytics and call recording.
  • Access from anywhere on both Windows and Mac using any popular browser
  • Advanced IP SIP phones
  • Easy click-to-dial from within Salesforce by clicking on any contact, saving time and      improving call efficiency
  • Call logs and forwarding
  • IVR auto attendant
  • Cloud PBX and unified communication
  • Voicemail to transcript
  • New records—accounts, contacts, leads–can be easily created while on a call

How Salesforce Integration Works

Salesforce CRM, together with ULTATEL, is a combination that opens a great deal of advantages. Integrating with Salesforce allows you to work at an incredible rate, enhancing productivity, and asserting all your goals early on.

ULTATEL for Salesforce will show in your Salesforce account after it has been activated. You can make calls right after that by clicking on contacts or account records with the integration process. 

You can also get alerts for incoming calls with the caller’s details shown on your screen, attach call notes, and accurately track call duration on specific contact records. 

Integrating with Salesforce enables your customer service agents to arrange meetings, log calls offline, and track call performance, providing their full capability to your company. ULTATEL VoIP integration with Salesforce produces:

  • Powerful Omni-Channel Solution: While your clients are on the phone, users may multitask by taking notes and finalizing details without switching devices or applications. This allows you to move deals more quickly.
  • Industry-Leading Automation Framework: Salesforce VoIP integration allows service cloud telephone duties to be automated, increasing your employees’ efficiency. Automation tracks call activity for you instead of doing it manually. Additionally, you can make calls with a single click. Salesforce is a platform that may be used for more than just contact centers. It can also be used for marketing automation and sales analytics in any industry sector.
  • AI local presence: When dialing customers, Salesforce’s Lightning Dialer functionality displays local numbers. The ULTATEL support team can assist you with enabling the Local Presence feature, or you may use Salesforce’s official website’s instruction.

Salesforce Integration Key Features

1. Native calling

Gone are the days when you had to switch through many different apps to help your customers. Salesforce’s native dial pad allows users to make and receive calls from their VoIP phone to their mobile phone and vice versa, enhancing customer service and work flexibility.

2. Comprehensive Reporting

Get custom reports that highlight changes between days or weeks. You can view the data in charts or on dashboards. It also shows real-time data to help you keep track of call and sales metrics.

3. Real-time call logs

Your phone system will automatically register every call you make or receive into your Salesforce activity record. 

Business owners and agents won’t have to worry about data transparency with the Salesforce integration feature because it’s granted. Plus, you’ll be able to track all calls effortlessly.

4. Cloud-based apps

Salesforce’s cloud-based nature makes it an essential fit for ULTATEL’s cloud phone. Community Cloud, App Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, IoT Cloud, and Analytics Cloud are the seven components of Salesforce CRM software. These provide significant advantages when merged with ULTATEL’s call data management.

5. Click-to-Dial

As previously said, placing calls is as simple as tapping on contact numbers and account records. We make phone calls in our daily lives by just tapping or clicking our gadgets. Why not use the same approach when it comes to CRM integrations?

Learn How Salesforce VoIP Integration Can Improve Your Business Today

ULTATEL helps you establish and manage communication between Salesforce CRM and other systems. 

You can bring your clients closer, become customer-centric, and understand your brand from your customer’s perspectives. 

With Salesforce CRM, you get all you need to be productive. ULTATEL VoIP phone system integration with Salesforce will undoubtedly make your brand second to none. Click here to learn more.

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