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Microsoft Teams Integration with ULTATEL’s VoIP Platform

ultatel integration for Microsoft Teams

With the accelerated switch to remote working, partially caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for an efficient and powerful communication tool became more urgent. 

Businesses of all industries, especially those with a significant online presence, can embrace the new normal and look for tools that allow them to continue operating and communicating seamlessly, both internally and externally.

This is something you can get done with the integration between Microsoft Teams and ULTATEL’s VoIP Platform.

Microsoft Teams is a digital platform for hosting corporate group chats, sharing documents, video conferences, and more. 

Here at ULTATEL, we connect Microsoft Teams with your business phone system, allowing your remote team members to collaborate and make calls outside the PSTN.

ULTATEL’s VoIP Platform Made Even Better with Microsoft Teams Integration

Over the past few years, big businesses have reached a crossroads as more and more of their employees who used to fill up office space at headquarters are now preferring to work from the comfort of their homes.

This means that there is an increasing need for corporate businesses to utilize the power of technology and the integration of different tools to ensure successful business operations.

ULTATEL’s VoIP phone offers an entirely cloud-based system for all of your business communication needs. All your employees need is their computer and a reliable internet connection to enjoy the fantastic features of our cloud-based phone.

Along with powerful software such as Microsoft Teams and ULTATEL’s cloud phone, your business can become a powerhouse from anywhere in the world.

ULTATEL’s commitment to providing a simple integration with Microsoft Teams guarantees an easy and timely transition. 

Your employees can easily integrate Workflow tools, Microsoft Teams Plugins, Apps, and extensions without any hassle.

One of the major concerns that many company executives raise is the implementation time of Microsoft Teams Integration. Our engineers work remotely with your technology department to install and launch the fully integrated system in record time.

Microsoft Teams Integration Key Features

There are many reasons why connecting your current systems to your Microsoft Teams suite can be beneficial to your business. Most importantly, these benefits include both enhanced efficiency and security.

1. Global PSTN Access

PSTN refers to the massive collection of telephone networks that allow people to complete phone calls with a landline telephone anywhere in the world. 

Global PSTN access ensures that there are no limits to the distance your phone calls are able to reach. Whether you are calling a neighbor or someone on the other side of the world, global PSTN access ensures a high-quality phone call regardless of the distance.

2. SBC and Direct Routing

The days of third-party lines are long gone, and a Session Border Controller (SBC) is just one of the services we provide to protect your company’s privacy. 

As the name implies, a session border controller guarantees that the phone calls made between employees and customers are protected from the rest of the internet.

3. Scalable SIP Trunk Solution

Our VoIP systems are fully capable of doing everything that traditional landlines can do and with some extra bonuses included. Scalable SIP Trunk Solution is the technical name for the technology that allows our VoIP system users to make phone calls outside of the organization. 

Our system allows this by sending multiple signals simultaneously. Rather than the ancient dial tone, users will hear the more current sounds of modern technology. Our enhanced security measures provide peace of mind for corporate users.

Learn More About Microsoft Integrations with ULTATEL’s VoIP Platform 

Microsoft Teams integrations can seem like an overwhelming concept at first. The inner workings of a complicated corporate business are both delicate and intricate. 

Deciding to integrate your Microsoft Teams App with ULTATEL’s cloud business phone might seem like a difficult choice at first. However, our team is here to support your business through every step of the process. 

Once the system has been fully integrated, you will immediately notice the advanced benefits of the collaboration between the platforms. 

Allow your remote employees to collaborate seamlessly across Microsoft Teams apps and the ULTATEL VoIP system. 

Visit our website for more information about how you can make your business run more smoothly today by integrating Microsoft Teams with ULTATEL’s VoIP platform.

Microsoft Teams Integration FAQs

1. What Does Microsoft Teams Integrate With?

Microsoft Teams can integrate seamlessly with many different digital tools to make remote work more accessible, smoother, and more efficient. The ULTATEL VoIP system is just one example of how this technology can make work much more straightforward than it has been in the past. 

2. How Many Integrations Does Microsoft Teams Have?

As technology continues to evolve and grow over time, there is endless potential for collaborations among your business tools. To date, Microsoft Teams features over 700 applications that you can integrate with their service.

3. Can We Integrate Microsoft Teams?

Absolutely. You can integrate your Microsoft Teams apps with many different operating systems and platforms available to your business today. This integration will make the internal operations within your business smoother and more efficient.

4. How Do You Integrate Apps in MS Teams?

Integrating apps with your Microsoft Teams needs a bit of background, especially if this is your first time dealing with cross-platform integration solutions. Our team of advanced technology gurus are ready to help you choose to create a collaborative workplace with Microsoft Teams based on your exact needs.

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