What is Microsoft Teams? And How To Use It For Your Business

In this digital age, there are many collaboration platforms to choose from. Freelancers, business operators, professionals, and everyone else are keeping track of collaboration solutions to improve their engagement with customers and workmates. One of the many platforms that stand out is Microsoft Teams. What is Microsoft Teams, and how does it work? Learn more about this platform here.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is used for corporate group chats, video conferences, document sharing, and more. It is built to be the ultimate collaboration tool.

As we already know, an outstanding team space is a door to creative decisions and clear communication among teammates. And Microsoft Teams, being a shared workspace, is the key in creating an outstanding team space, especially in larger companies or those with members working apart.

What Microsoft Teams does is it knits a team together from all over the world to work efficiently through enhanced collaboration and communication.

How Does Microsoft Teams Work?

At the very core, Microsoft Teams allows members to update and communicate with each other alongside Microsoft Office and all other applications that are integrated into Office 365.

With this application, a member can host or join online meetings and establish the speed of the meeting’s presentation. Thus, running a one-on-one chat or a conference with hundreds of participants is possible with Microsoft Teams.

A host can start a meeting by setting up a scheduled time and date. Like any conference call platforms, the host shall hand out invitations to the desired participants beforehand. You can also invite those who aren’t part of the team.

Furthermore, the Team owner can generate separate chat channels. Chat channels make it simpler for the members to keep discussions in relevant areas. Chat, file sharing, and work collaboration is more efficient within the Team chat channels. It is where the collaborative workflow happens.

Microsoft Teams grants users the license to integrate other apps and third party functions to your workspace. For example, a team member might want to contact somebody through Zoom. With the Zoom integration, that member may do so without having to leave Microsoft Teams. Some VoIP integrations allow outside calls to be placed so as to include users not on Teams, but who are simply connected through their phone.

Aside from Zoom, there are numerous Microsoft Teams 3rd party integrations, and they make collaborations hassle-free. You can also design custom apps specific for Microsoft Teams, which makes it a creative platform at the same time.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is recommended by many due to its various benefits. When thinking about the pros of Microsoft Teams, remember these three I’s:

Increases Work Focus

Because of its feature to organize and schedule workloads, users can focus on work-related topics and manage their time better. You don’t have to spend time navigating through an inbox that contains messages from everyone. Microsoft Teams automatically sorts them into the chat channels and places the information in the setting.

So, instead of getting preoccupied with a pile of random emails, users can now concentrate and get their work done. However, chat channels hold only the conversations and documents relevant to the topic of that particular channel.

Integrates Other Microsoft Office Apps

The integration of Microsoft Office applications is not just another feature of Microsoft Teams; it is one of its advantages! Microsoft Teams wants a trouble-free working experience for its users.

Microsoft Teams makes it easier for users to navigate their ecosystem of apps such as Onenote, SharePoint Online, and Outlook. This means that you do not have to close the Teams for you to accomplish your tasks on time. You can multitask efficiently on Microsoft Teams!

Increases Transparency

Transparency always played a major role in every company. For a business to thrive, all of its members must know what’s going on. And transparency is an enormous hurdle for most companies. It’s a challenge to keep everyone in the loop and update your teammates from time to time of current changes and regulations in the company.

With Microsoft Teams, transparency is easier to achieve. Users don’t have to worry about who to invite in a meeting or CC in an email. You may post your messages on the right channel and mention the persons you want to be notified of. Also, by allowing meetings to be visible by everyone in the channel, users can incorporate transparency by enabling everyone in the channel to join or pop-in.

How To Use Microsoft Teams For Your Business

Given its brilliant and handy features, Microsoft Teams is a wonderful tool to keep a business running. And in light of Microsoft Teams’ purpose – to establish proper communication and collaboration – here are two significant ways to utilize the app for business:

How to use microsoft team infographic

Build Rapport

In business, owners must build rapport with clients to keep their support, and this can be done by keeping open and good communication. Microsoft Teams presents exceptional ways to maintain a good connection between business owners, customers, and team members.

Building rapport and collaborating in Microsoft Teams doesn’t cost anything. However, if you want to maximize the entire suite, you need to purchase the Office 365 Business Essentials that costs $5 monthly for every user; or the Office 365 Business Premium that requires a monthly cost of $12.50.

Track Progress

Because employers and employees are on one channel, they can easily track each other’s progress. Users may communicate with each other anytime; hence, they know which parts of the assigned task have been completed and which sections need remediation or revision.

Users can help one another by sending a message or posting a relevant document or file addressed to the user in need. That way, tasks are completed smoothly, and progress is delivered speedily.


To keep a business going, employers and employees must learn to live with each other. By doing so, they might live out the golden C’s of business: communication, creativity, and collaboration. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to practice and improve on the golden C’s is by using Microsoft Teams. If you haven’t tried it with your team yet, it’s never too late to get started!

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