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What are SIP Lines and How They Work?

What are SIP Lines and How They Work

Your Business will grow faster when you keep coping with the modern world’s  changing needs no doubt. Communication is the main pillar of such growth and  SIP lines have made it way easier, smarter & better. Replacing your traditional landline with a SIP line will take your communication to a whole new level where  you don’t only make voice calls, but also video calls, sending & receiving instant  messages and multimedia files. All of this happens through SIP phone lines that  operate on the cloud.

What is a SIP Line?

SIP, stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and SIP line is the virtual version of the  traditional & old telephone line. It is the link between two individuals calling each  other over the internet. One SIP Line can’t transfer more than one call  simultaneously. Thus, companies who don’t get much simultaneous calls, they  don’t need to ask for many SIP lines. On the other hand, those who get many calls  simultaneously will need to ask their provider for many SIP lines that suit their  usage and needs.  

How Does a SIP Line Work?

First of all, you need to know what is PBX? It is an abbreviation for “Private Branch  Exchange” that is the telephone system used by businesses. A SIP line represents  one channel that gets connected to the on-premise PBX moving to the SIP trunk  that allows you make calls overs the internet. Such calls can be local or  international that are all done through the SIP trunk without disruptions or  restrictions. 

SIP Line vs. SIP Trunk: What is the Difference?

SIP lines and SIP trunk are both connected and work simultaneously. They form  two separate parts of the SIP trunking phone system. SIP trunk can be compared  to a plate and the food inside it represents SIP lines. So, in contrast with a SIP line  that can transfer only one call, SIP trunk can handle too many SIP lines so  companies can place as much of online call as they need.  

Benefits of SIP Trunk Phone Systems

If you’re willing for your business to grow and expand, choose modern solutions  such as SIP trunking phone system that will solve your communications issues,  and enhance the current work processes. 

Have a look at the SIP system benefits, and let ULTATEL know what you’ve  decided!

Cost-Saving System

In contrast with the traditional phone line that you can never predict its bill  especially if you make international calls, SIP trunking phone system has a fixed  monthly fee. Also, it is based on the cloud, so no need to having any physical  lines. Most importantly, you’ll make as many international calls as you need  because they’re considered as local calls.  

Integrated Communication System

All the communication services you need do exist in SIP trunking system whether  they are “Voice calls, videos conferences, multimedia files or instant messages.” 

So, it eliminates any hassle of searching for different providers of different  communication services. 


If you have a plan to scale up your business, your communication system should  be as scalable as your business. SIP operates on the cloud depending only on the  internet connection. So, all what you need is to inform your provider, and you’ll be able to adjust the number of users and the bandwidth that controls calls’  efficiency.

Catalyst Behind Employee’s Productivity

If you’re wondering what is behind employees’ declining productivity, one of the  main reasons is poor communication. SIP trunk channels are there to bring a  smooth communication for your employees that has no leaks, disruptions or  delays. So, they can manage to finish all their tasks in an unbelievable timing.  Also, smooth communication affect employees psychologically because they’ll not  be expecting any suffering at work, so they’ll be always willing to do their best. 

Flexible for Employees

Whether your employees work remotely, prefer hybrid system, travel for work  meetings or even stick to the office, SIP system will be support and help them  anyways. While using SIP system, calls can be easily transferred to the employees’  mobile phones, so they pursue their work anywhere. Thus, such a system  guarantees that each employee’s work will not get accumulated, and so your  projects or relations with clients will never be at risk. 

Easy to Handle

If you imagine that you’ll need IT team to manage SIP system, you’re wrong then.  SIP system is already designed to be user-friendly, so dealing with it sounds like  using your mobile phone on a daily basis. Thus, you and your employees will use  it, change its settings, explore its features all intuitively without any sense of  complexity.

Premium Quality Provider

Poor quality leads to poor impression, so you need to be careful not leaving such  an impression in a customer’s mind. SIP trunking system does guarantee your  calls the highest of quality that lack any failure, disruption or outage issues. SIP  system will enhance your customers’ experience, so they don’t hear any echo or  miss any word during the call.

Drawbacks of SIP Trunk Phone Systems

If you’re wondering how a technology like this does not really have any  drawbacks, we’re assuring it has, but they’re that kind of cons that get handled  easily. 


Bandwidth is the thing quality of calls depend on, so you need to have a great  amount of it especially in location where network is not perfect. However,  ULTATEL definitely solve such issues to secure quality of calls that is beyond your  expectations. 


SIP is an advanced technology, so it needs a compatible phone system through  which it can work efficiently. However, if your phone system is not compatible to  SIP, ULTATEL will provide you with solutions to upgrade your system so you  benefit from all SIP Truking system’s advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are left unanswered yet to encourage you take the  decision of uplifting your business through SIP Channels, here are some extra  information below that you may prefer have a look at. 

Are SIP lines reliable?

Many people doubt SIP trunk’s reliability just as any new digital technology.  However, it totally depends on you choosing the ideal provider who can  guarantee preventing any security issues. ULTATEL main aim is not only to help  your business grow, but also to protect your and your customers’ data. So, we  provide your business with ideal communication alongside ultimate security.

What is a SIP phone line’s cost?

Actually, the cost varies based on the package and features you choose from the  provider. SIP trunking prices vary between $20 – $25 per line/ channel for the  unlimited package. Also, you can “Metered Calling” through which you only pay  for the number of minutes consumed in a month. SIP system value definitely  exceeds the cost, so don’t postpone having it!


Extra day without SIP Trunk in your company is an extra cost, extra delay and  extra complexity. SIP system is the simplest advanced communication tool you  can bring to your business regardless of your industry. Let’s enhance your  business communication processes and contact ULTATEL to provide you with SIP  system, and to guide you in each and every step before, during and after setting it  up.

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