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10 Best VoIP Headsets in 2024

Best VoIP Headsets in 2024

An exceptional business in 2024 aims to give its employees and customers the best communication tools. When VoIP was introduced to the business world, it became many companies’ most preferred communication method. Moreover, headsets for VoIP offer Bluetooth and wired abilities that allow you to have a hassle-free conversation. VoIP headsets have become a hassle-free device enabling employees to communicate internally and externally with clients. 

No more wasting time trying to hear and listen when you’re on a phone call with a client. Now, you can purchase the best VoIP headset from ULTATEL. In this article, you will find the top 10 best VoIP headsets until this day.

What Makes a Good VoIP Headset?

If your phone system is a UCaaS or a VoIP platform and your employees are constantly on the phone, then investing in VoIP headsets is what you need. A great headset gives you the option to have your hands free to take notes while you’re on a phone call, something that a crazy working schedule needs. However, before investing in a VoIP headset you should consider a few things. We’ve conjured up four things you should look for when buying them. 

It’s wireless capability

VoIP headsets offer Bluetooth options, so you don’t have to plug directly into a computer or phone. You can move around and not worry about being slung back by a USB cord. 

Noise canceling options

If you work in a busy office, noise-canceling headsets are the way to go. Noise-canceling headsets block any background noise and give your listener a clear and sharp sound of your voice. 

Audio quality 

When purchasing a VoIP headset, choose one with high-definition audio quality. ULTATEL offers HD voice calling; if you have high-speed internet, your connection will be great, and your voice will be heard clearly. 

Long-lasting battery life 

If you decide to go for a wireless headset, you need a long-lasting battery to go with it; This is very important because if you work in a crowded office and can’t find a place to plug in your headset during a call, you’ll lose that call. 

Best VoIP Headsets

1. Jabra Evolve 75

Jabra Evolve 75 is an excellent VoIP headset designed to help with noise control and improve your employee’s productivity with its noise-cancellation feature. You can connect to two devices simultaneously using its Dual Bluetooth option. It can give you 100 feet of room to operate within that radius. 

Key features:

The materials of Jabra Evolve 75 are of the highest quality. For example,  its design, the texture is smooth, streamlined and fits the user’s hands and ears perfectly. One of its best features is noise cancellation; the loudest crowd could surround you and still experience zero noise. Other features include its microphone on the right side and a flexible boom arm that can be linked to a magnet when you’re not using it. The Evolve 75 has everything you need. 


  • Great battery life
  • Excellent noise cancellation capabilities 
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • A little expensive
  • The audio output could be enhanced
  • Missing features like no play/pause/skip music control

Price: $229.90 on Amazon

2. Poly Backwire 7225

Poly Backwire 7225 is a lightweight VoIP headset that is extremely comfortable to wear for an extended time and has four omnidirectional microphones with an ambient and directed noise option. Its active noise cancellation feature makes it easy to wear your headphones all day; it also provides media controls like pause, mute, play, forward, and back.

Key features:

The 7225 has a smooth and weightless design that makes you feel like you’re not wearing any headset. It features four omnidirectional microphone capabilities to hear what’s playing on your headset. Its noise cancellation option allows you to walk while you talk and has full media controls like mute, play, pause, forward, and back. 


  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Sleek design that is comfortable and lightweight
  • Many types of controls
  • Not expensive
  • Four microphones and advanced active noise canceling


  • No wireless feature (uses a USB A or C)

Price: $99.99 on Amazon

3. Sennheiser MB 660 UC MS

MB 660 provides amazing audio quality and is perfect for listening to music and taking VoIP calls for clear communication. It also offers noise-cancellation and multiple microphones that can allow you to have different conversations. You can also choose between sound modes like, Movie, Director, Club, or Speech to give you the best sound.

MB 660 has a foldable design that is built from premium-quality materials that is sleek, comfortable and easy to carry. The battery life is strong and can hold for 30 hours and it has a two-year warranty.

Key features:

The Sennheiser has an adaptive ANC technology that automatically changes noise reduction levels depending on your surroundings and saves your battery. Every user can choose to connect however they want; you can use Bluetooth 4.2; it also comes with an audio cable with a micro-USB connector.


  • 30-hour battery and 82-foot range
  • Battery lasts for 15 days in standby mode 
  • SpeakFocus™ ambient audio cancellation
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • Voice recognition 
  • Has three multidirectional microphones.


  • It is expensive
  • Sometimes you can experience connectivity issues 
  • Does not have an external boom mic

Price: $365 on Amazon

4. Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000

Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 is a mid-range corded VoIP headset with a cable reaching 7 ft. It is a stereo audio quality headset that is good for VoIP calls and has active noise cancellation options. The headset’s design is minimal; the earpads aren’t the most comfortable for extended wear.

Key features:

This headset is a bit different from the others; all you have to do is plug it into your Windows-compatible device; it isn’t compatible with Macbooks; Mac users might have to adjust their settings since this headset is specifically formatted for the Windows operating system. One of the top benefits is the noise-canceling options so you can have the best experience without the headache. LX-6000 has inline volume, mute, and microphone controls directly on the headset for easy use. 


  • Call indicator light
  • Noise-cancellation options
  • Affordable
  • High adjustable boom
  • Ultra-wideband digital audio for clear stereo sound


  • Awkward inline remote
  • Not suitable for all-day work
  • Less comfortable and durable than the wired Jabra Bix 2400 II

Price: $49.49 on Amazon

5. Jobra Evolve2 65

Whether you’re always in and out of meetings, the Jabra Evolve2 65 works with all UC platforms; this headset is designed to offer comfortable noise-canceling headsets that take the shape of your ears. One of the best features is that it charges within minutes and provides long-lasting battery life. 

Key features:

Evolve 65 offers leak-tolerant 40mm speakers and its battery life lasts for 37 hours. With its Bluetooth capabilities you can use it wherever and whenever, you don’t have to sit while being on the phone. It also has 3 microphone digital hybrid ANC and up to 100 ft range.


  • Call indicator light
  • Noise-cancellation options
  • Has 3 microphone digital hybrid ANC
  • Offers 100 ft range 
  • Great battery life for 37 hours/ 65 battery efficiency
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection 


  • A bit expensive 

Price: $248 on Amazon

6. Poly Voyager 4220 UC

The Poly (used to be known as Plantronics) Voyager 4220 UC is an expensive Bluetooth VoIP headset that has the highest ratings. When turned on, it automatically pairs with your device and has a 12-hour talk time, gives you a talk range of 98 ft, and 13 days of standby time so that you can use it within that massive time range. It’s one of the most comfortable cushioning headbands and earcups.

Key features:

The Poly 4220 has many features, like a mobile application called The Poly Hub, that can be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. This app can show your headset the battery status, update your device’s firmware, and you can manage settings. Also, if you misplace your headset’s location, you can go to the app and use the “FindMyHeadset” feature to locate it. That is one of many features Poly 4220 offers; it has speaker and microphone capabilities. It provides proper leveling protection by filtering loud background noises above 118 dBA. As for the dual-microphone, it includes unidirectional and omnidirectional sensors, and the speaker has a range of 20 hertz. 

Lastly, it has VoIP headset controls, the right ear has a dial adjuster and a micro USB port for charging, and a media navigation control on both earphones; you can pause or play music with a button.


  • Quick charge time 
  • Red LED (light-emitting diode) on- call indicator light
  • Mobile application services on device 


  • Doesn’t have advanced active noise cancellation features
  • It is of heavy weight
  • No hard case for travel 

Price: $127 on Amazon

7. Poly Voyager 5200

Poly Voyager 5200 is a VoIP headset with features like Bluetooth connection and earpieces designed for its users’ comfort and call quality with voice commands and six layers of WindSmart technology (provides users with the trust that their voice will connect wherever they are). 

Key features:

Poly Voyager 5200 has four microphones and a Proprietary DSP Work Together to block background noise when using it. It also has six layers of WindSmart Technology to detect wind direction and respond accordingly. MultiPoint Technology also connects the headset to two devices, while A2DP allows music streaming, driving navigations, and more. Bluetooth features provide a range of 98 ft. Lastly, it supports HD voice with the best quality.


  • Six layers of WindSmart Technology
  • Detects wind direction 
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Roaming range of 98 ft 
  • Voice assistant 
  • Noise canceling
  • Affordable

Price: $78.99 on Amazon

8. Poly Voyager Focus UC

Poly Voyager Focus UC is a professional VoIP headset that connects to your device using USB-A and is compatible with Mac and Windows. It has impeccable sound and background noise canceling features that allow users to concentrate directly on their calls. It is ideal for users who enjoy wireless headsets and the best quality.

Key features:

Poly Voyager Focus UC is ideal for professionals who do not want distractions; Bluetooth connections help with that. Its audio performance allows users to focus on their callers rather than all the background noise. The headset enables its users 12 hours of talk time and 15 hours of roaming and up to 98 feet so they can use it while walking. It’s incredibly comfortable, too; the earphone’s cushions allow you to wear it for up to 12 hours per use comfortably. When using the headset, you can also smart-mute it with a flick of your wrist. 


  • Smart Mute 
  • 12 hours of use
  • 15 hour talk time
  • Comfortable earphones
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Roaming range of 98 ft 
  • Noise canceling


  • People who wear glasses cannot use them properly 
  • A bit expensive 

Price: $174.64 on Amazon

9. Logitech H600

Logitech H600 is the most affordable wireless VoIP headset and is very lightweight. One of the deficiencies this headset has is that it only has a six-hour talk time. However, you can charge it with the USB cable and use it while charging it. It is not the ideal headset for music lovers; however it offers noise-cancellation options.

Key features:

The Logitech H600 is a wireless VoIP headset and has a stereo-quality sound that allows you to position the mic however you want while listening to the call. It is affordable if you want a low budget compact VoIP headset. Battery lasts for 6 hours, and then you can charge it with its USB cable. One of the downsides of this headset is that the earphones aren’t padded and don’t hold your ear like the others. However, it’s lightweight. You can also touch the right earcup to adjust the volume or hit mute.


  • Affordable price
  • Noise-canceling microphones 
  • Moderate sound quality
  • Fold up design


  • Less comfortable than the upgrade; Poly Voyager 4220 UC
  • Less comfortable in terms of less padding on the earphones 
  • No HD audio quality 
  • Small headset so be sure you don’t lose it 

Price: $32.99 on Amazon

10. Jabra Biz 2400 II

The Jabra Biz 2400 II is the most durable VoIP headset for call center agents. It has a bendable boom arm and a reinforced cord, so it is built to last. The FreeSpin boom arm has abilities like allowing you to rotate a full 360 degrees without breaking it. The Jabra Biz 2400 II has a lightweight neoprene zippered case and soft ear cushions. It comes with a wired headset and a USB cord connecting to your device to charge.

Key features:

Even though Jabra doesn’t have an app, you can download Jabra Direct to your Mac and Windows computer. It has a headband, ear hook, neckband, and an air shock noise canceling mic.


  • Comes with accessories 
  • FreeSpin boom arm 
  • Comes with neoprene zippered case for travel purposes 
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Active noise cancellation


  • Doesn’t have an app

Price: $147.08 on Amazon


If you’re working remotely or in the office and need a device to make your phone calls more accessible and better, a VoIP headset should be your best friend. It’s beneficial in terms of its cost efficiency, more accessible, flexibility, and what you’re looking for to unify your conversations as a call center agent. The 10 VoIP Headsets we’ve listed above are top-rated, are comfortable to wear, and provide its user with the highest quality audio for incoming calls and the leisure of listening to music hands-free while working. 

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