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Zoho Integration with ULTATEL’s Cloud Phone

ultatel integration for Zoho CRM

Integrating Zoho with ULTATEL helps you improve call handling and CRM experience for your sales and support staff.

Your agents can handle all phone-related tasks within Zoho CRM thanks to features such as click-to-dial, screen pop-ups for incoming calls, automated call logging, and much more.

As a result, they can concentrate on their tasks, be more productive, and provide richer customer experiences.

Zoho integration also gives you an overview of your sales team’s performance so you can plan better to achieve your sales targets.

VoIP Phone System Made Even Better With Zoho Integrations

Zoho and ULTATEL integrate a fully working cloud call center into your devices. It includes all standard features, such as call routing, sequential and simultaneous ringing, IVR, call recording, voice messages, call analytics, and more.

Activating your Zoho account with ULTATEL will let you enjoy all of these features, thus boosting your sales and increasing your ROI.

Best Features of Integrating Zoho with ULTATEL

1. Making calls from Zoho CRM

With a simple click, you can call your prospects and customers from inside Zoho CRM. Avoid the difficulties of switching between devices/screens and save time on each call. More time equals more calls and higher productivity.

2. Smart analytics

Get access to in-depth analytics with custom dashboards for sales success. Call data such as response rate, call length, attempted calls, and more are available to improve your operations.

This data is automatically recorded to be used directly from Zoho without your input.

The Smart analytics allow you to;

  • Set opening hours
  • Set closing hours
  • Set lunchtime if needed
  • Set weekend’s messages

3. Call recording

The Zoho integration feature comes with the capacity to record calls for quality monitoring, training, and compliance purposes. 

Any calls you make or receive directly through Zoho integration will be recorded and safely stored in the cloud.

4. Automation tools

Automation tasks are available at different stages of your operations management. 

You can set up pre-recorded messages, reminders, alerts, and follow-ups. This means your agents will have more time to focus on the more essential and significant tasks.

5. Call reminders

The prompt call feature is enabled to remind users of a scheduled call, so you don’t miss any opportunities.

If you are having difficulty keeping track of your phone calls, your ULTATEL telephone Zoho CRM system can assist you.

When you link your call reminders to your task list, you will be notified when it’s time to make the call. 

You may also save time by contacting prospects and clients using the in-built VoIP phone dialer. After the call, ULTATEL with Zoho CRM allows you to record notes. 

You may also examine a call report and track the exact duration of a call.

6. Unified Interactions

The unified interaction in one dashboard ensures a straightforward navigation process, reducing the time spent switching between devices or apps.

The importance of Integrating Zoho with VoIP

Zoho is a top-rated sales tool for businesses that include CRM, social prospecting, data and list services, email engagement, phone, and sales cadence. 

Zoho CRM phone integration with VoIP leads to more accessible communication with potential clients, client retention, and ultimately sales. 

With this seamless integration, your customer care reps won’t need to spend their valuable time switching tabs or pulling up customer information anymore.

Thus, the integration leads to more accessible communication with potential clients, client retention, and ultimately increased sales.

By providing your team with Zoho CRM – VoIP integration, your agents will be able to stay on top of their game, automate tasks, simplify workflow, and efficiently manage leads and clients. 

Without it, your overall productivity might suffer dramatically, resulting in untrustworthy data and inconsistent outcomes.

Integrate your ULTATEL phone system with Zoho CRM today to elevate your operations to new heights.

Another important benefit of the Zoho integration with ULTATEL is that it reduces the sales cycle and makes your company more productive by providing helpful information to the agent handling the call.

Learn More About ULTATEL’s VoIP Integration for Zoho CRM

It’s easy and straightforward to configure Zoho CRM with Ultatel. 

There are no installs or time-consuming setups. 

Once ULTATEL has been activated, it will appear inside your Zoho account. That means you will be able to call leads and customers from within the platform.All you need to do is log in to Zoho CRM, and you’re ready to enjoy the full benefits of Zoho integration with ULTATEL’s cloud phone.

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