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How Call Recording Makes Your Sales Team More Productive and Successful

a call center agent recording a call

If you are part of a sales-driven team and are not recording calls, you are missing out on a great deal of insight. Call analytics from your CRM dashboards undoubtedly provide valuable insights into your team’s performance, but call recording is on a whole different level.

This article will discuss how call recording makes your sales team more productive and the legalities and best practices to follow.

Call Recording Best Practices 

Call recording is generally legal on a federal level as long as one party to the conversation gives consent. This means even if your leads or customers aren’t aware and your sales reps are, it is okay. 

However, the best legal practice is the two-party consent law. It is recommended that you make all parties aware when recording phone calls. This way, people can decide whether or not to continue. 

Here are three best practices by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to notify all the parties about a call recording:

  • Prior written or verbal consent of all parties
  • A verbal notification before the recording 
  • An audible beep repeated at regular intervals during a call

However, the most recommended is to verbally notify customers that the call is recorded for quality assurance purposes.

6 Ways Call Recording Makes Your Sales Team Productive and Successful 

Here are six ways call recording makes your sales team productive and successful: 

1. Call recording improves sales training

Call recording helps supervisors and managers discover every sales rep’s strengths and weaknesses. By listening to the calls, they can get insights on where an individual agent needs personalized sales call training. With improved coaching, each rep is better equipped to meet sales goals.

2. Call recording improves sales strategy

What common questions are leads asking? What are the major sales obstacles? How are sales reps handling these obstacles? Call recording helps sales managers identify the common challenges that arise from customers and the sales team. This provides managers the needed insights to create a plan to address the hurdles to growth, optimize and improve their sales strategies.

3. Call recording helps you pick missed details during the call

It is not unusual to miss one or two crucial details during a conversation, especially when several thoughts occur simultaneously. With sales call recording, you can pick the vital details the prospect or customer earlier mentioned on the call. Catching up with call recording also saves you the stress of asking the lead to repeat the information on your next call. 

4. Call recording helps you understand your customers more

Customers are happier when they feel listened to and understood. It is frustrating for customers to feel that your reps are not listening. Call recording helps sales reps understand customers more and puts them in the proper context for the next conversation. This promotes a more personalized customer experience. 

5. Call recording gives your sales team deeper insights

Listening to call recording gives your sales team deeper insights and new learnings. Sales reps and managers can analyze conversations with prospects and uncover pain points, identify crucial sales conversation moments and celebrate wins. 

Sales trainers and managers can also identify filler words and keywords and uncover treasure points in conversations to help the team close more deals. Sales reps themselves can use the call recording as a valuable resource to improve their sales pitch and persuasion skills. 

6. Call recording helps resolve disputes

In the event of a dispute, sales call recording software keeps an authentic record of communications and protects a company’s reputation. Recorded calls can help verify statements and prove that your sales rep is telling the truth if a conflicting scenario arises. You can even send the recorded call to a customer to resolve the misunderstanding. 


Call recording is one of the essential features of a cloud contact center that can make your sales team more productive and successful. You can do a lot from improving your sales training and strategy, understanding your customers more, and using it as proof to resolve disputes. Explore your cloud solution today to uncover new opportunities with sales call recording.

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