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The 6 Best Email Alternatives for Better Business Communication

business person looking for the best email alternatives

Email alternatives can help business communication without using the popular traditional emailing options. These alternatives are often enabled to offer similar features as Gmail and are still secure. They have remarkable organization skills that can be synced to other apps or services.

This article discusses the alternatives to email that you can try out for your business communication.

1. Zoho Email

As the first recommendation, Zoho mail offers a rich and remarkable email service for businesses and personal users. It comprises different tools that can serve in organizing your activities. The email alternative has a storage drive, contacts, bookmarks, and a calendar. This makes them much more similar to Gmail than any other option.

It uses an interface that allows users properly organize with the streams feature. This allows you to add remarks to email threads, assign tasks, and exchange files. For better administration in your organization, the professionality of this platform can be efficient. As an alternative to email, they offer manageability and a seamless transition from the regular options to Zoho.

The security protocol of the email service uses end-to-end encryption to protect all messages from an unauthorized party. It has features that allow for the customization of the email to have your business name.

Key features:

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Mail backup and retention
  • Includes an offline mode
  • Advanced management tools
  • Includes migration tool
  • 24/7 customer support service
  • Enabled group accounts


  • Allows customized emails
  • Comes with email filters for navigation
  • Integrates with other Zoho apps
  • Offers data protection
  • Can work without internet


  • Requires paid subscription for full access

Download the Zoho App.

2. Outlook

Outlook is one of Microsoft’s products, and they offer a great experience as an emailing service. The free version of Outlook is a new and revamped version of Hotmail, and it syncs easily with other Microsoft services.

The alternative email option works well with other storage and productivity apps, making it one of the possible substitutes for Gmail. An improved administrative feature offers a robust calendar, task organizer, email categorizations, etc., just like Gmail. The interface is userfriendly and modern enough for new users to get familiar with immediately.

Key Features:

  • Mailbox storage (15GB)
  • OneDrive Storage (5GB)
  • Syncs contacts automatically
  • Real-time integration with Skype
  • Voice-enable navigation
  • Malware and spam filter
  • iOS and Andriod Apps
  • Access to Office 365 web versions
  • Includes calendar and email features


  • Offers an easy navigation system
  • Can be downloaded on mobile devices
  • Promises an advanced security option
  • Connects to third-party applications
  • Setup with daily optimization


  • Can be too pricey

Download the Outlook app.

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is connected to other Microsoft products and can be used as an email replacement. They allow for direct messages within your business and even your customers, just as the regular option.

However, they are all for threads that can be used in collaboration and keeping the messages only visible to those required. Thus, people can be removed or added to conversations easily. It is optimized with a distinct search feature that allows locating a particular message through keywords.

Key Features:

  • Chat Functions
  • Audio conferencing
  • Full telephony
  • Channels and teams
  • Call monitoring


  • Comes with a calling feature
  • Includes channels for team collaboration
  • Has message thread for follow up
  • Allows for files upload


  • Team members can be easily isolated

Download the Microsoft Teams Apps.

4. ProtonMail

Ordinarily, Proton has a reputation as a reliable security company, and the email system is one of the most secure. It was initially described as the only email that the NSA couldn’t hack due to the level of encryption.

The email service provided by ProtonMail takes privacy to a whole new level. Thus, it is important to do that without giving out any personal information when opening an email. All required is a chosen username and password and an optional recovery email.

Just as expected from any online mailing service, it has an improved inbox design similar to the one in Gmail. It also has productivity tools that can help organize your activities while using the email system. There are color-coded labels and starring options that would assist in better usage.

Key Features:

  • Web-based Inbox service
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Optional anonymous email address
  • Email Encryption (End-to-End)
  • Open source code
  • GDPR compliance
  • iOS and Android apps


  • Offers remarkable data security
  • Comes with a storage device
  • Allows for user anonymity
  • Works with smartphones
  • Better organizational skills


  • Limited storage with free mode

Download the ProtonMail app.

5. Slack

Slack has become a popular option among organizations today and has reduced the number of emails sent since then. It allows a different level of collaborative efforts for small teams or organizations that need to be in constant communication.

As one of the common mail alternatives, this works without any glitches while offering a user-friendly interface. Research has proven that 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Slack for their communication. This is because of its reliability and ease of integration with all its services.

Also, the Slack option brings all communication into one place while providing channels for every conversation. It offers the option for team members to either join or leave a communication chain, unlike lengthy email chains.

You can either add or remove people from the slack when necessary, and this is important when there is a need to downsize, or a new person has been added.

Key Features:

  • Manages and tracks documents
  • Improved search modifiers
  • Shared channels across workspaces
  • Streamlined sidebar
  • Quick navigation


  • Offers a seamless integration
  • Reduces the length of email chains
  • Can be personalized based on needs
  • Promoted team collaboration
  • Improves communication levels


  • Excess communication could be overwhelming
  • Messages delete after 14 days

Download the Slack app.

6. Hubspot CRM

HubSpot works with customer relationship management (CRM) software in place of the email services. The email replacement platform allows for communications within an organization while enabling secure chat options. It also allows video calls and calls recording when communicating with customers or between team members.

There are over 100 communication tools that can be integrated with the HubSpot CRM that would serve the same function as the traditional Gmail. The CRM can work with the Facebook messenger from within or through integration with Gmail for better customer service. It has an automatic feature that lets you keep all the data acquired updated during communication.

The option works with both the mobile and desktop app versions to allow use while on the move. The CRM features also have organizational features that can work in scheduling and better team communication. Documents can also be shared, meetings scheduled, and more with the platform service.

Key Features:

  • Document sharing features
  • Third-party Integration
  • Employee and Customer Tracking
  • Real-time Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customer Service
  • CRM Analytics
  • Email tracking


  • Improves customer response time
  • Allows documents to be shared
  • Can be used in automating activities
  • Helps is managing team members


  • Expensive to subscribe
  • Templates are hard to modify

Download the HubSpot CRM.

The Bottom Line

Sending emails or communicating is a crucial part of every business operation, and there may be a need for email alternatives. Several options would work with your business with even more reliability than would be found in the familiar options.

Do you want to get an email alternative? ULTATEL has a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing option available for your business. This alternative has a team option which makes it easier for collaboration within the organization.

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